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Boys and girls live in separate accommodation with their own houseparents. Accommodation is a mixture of single study bedrooms (for older students), twin rooms and 3-4 bed dormitories. Where students are sharing a room, every effort is made to ensure that their room-mates are of different nationalities. Bathrooms with showers and toilets are adjacent to all bedrooms. Students have a choice of 'social spaces' in which to relax, including a common room with kitchen, the old library and quiet corners of the house and its beautiful gardens.

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Учебно-консультационный центр "Элианна"
Москва, Софийская набережная, д.34В
2 подъезд, 1 этаж, офис 5
Тел. +7 (495) 951-21-92
        +7 (495) 797-03-08
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