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Staying with an English homestay is he best way to develop your conversational English skills. You can enjoy the comforts of a private home and immerse yourself in English life and culture.It is also the most cost-effective way of staying in the UK, with home cooking, pleasant conversation and comfortable surroundings. Private Home Combine the comforts of a home environment with more independent living. Compared with other homestay options you will have less contact with your hosts. You can use the kitchen to prepare your own meals. Standard Homestay Good homes and food provided by kind hosts who live in convenient locations for our schools. Superior Homestay Very good homes with a high standard of cooking and located in good areas convenient for our schools. Executive Homestay Excellent homes in very good areas close to the school with professional hosts offering an excellent standard of cooking. Private bathroom facilities. Most homestay accommodation is in single rooms but we can provide twin rooms for 2 people booking together. Meal options are: Breakfast and dinner (HB) Breakfast only (BB - NB no use of kitchen) lIndependent (SC you can use the kitchen to prepare your own meal Homestay providers can be very different but they have two things in common: A genuine desire to welcome people into their homes and lives A clean and comfortable home Students should not expect a replica of their own home. Homestays offer a taste of Britain and students may have to adapt to different homestay environments while they are in the UK. Students should also remember that the UK has a rich history and is proud of its cultural diversity. Our homestay providers are a reflection of our society and come from different backgrounds, every age-group and different socio-economic groups. We do not discriminate and welcome all homestays that fit our basic criteria. London is a multy ethnic society. Some homestay providers are not of English origin but all speak English to native speaker standard. We try to match students with homestays and to find the right homestay for everyone. It is important to book early and to tell us about your requirements e.g. in the areas of diet, smoking, children and pets. Please note: most British people (about 80%) are non-smokers most British people have pets – usually a cat or a dog if you are in bed and breakfast or independent homestay you will not have so much opportunity to practise your English as you will not be sitting down for a meal with your host(s).

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