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Our goal is a simple one - to offer all our students the best possible preparation for their future educational and professional careers. Our school is built upon the traditional strengths of both Russian and European educational systems which makes us one of the world’s leading providers of quality English language teaching. Here at Bestukschools, we have created a unique environment where a child and adult alike can lay down the foundations of a successful academic and professional future. We strive for perfection by excelling our students, that is why all of them leave us with a strong foundation for future success. Our students benefit not only from outstanding academic and linguistic tuition, but also from a uniquely nurturing environment which gives them the time and space to develop as individuals and to prepare themselves for the challenges ahead. Our school motto is “genius is an answer before a question” and this perfectly illustrates the Bestukschools ethos and our desire to forsee future demand and equip our students accordingly.

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Учебно-консультационный центр "Элианна"
Москва, Софийская набережная, д.34В
2 подъезд, 1 этаж, офис 5
Тел. +7 (495) 951-21-92
        +7 (495) 797-03-08
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